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With the advent of the information age and the development of network technology, collaborative design within and among enterprises has become an inevitable trend. How to share design information quickly and efficiently has become an urgent problem to be solved. The author believes that using the Internet to publish CAD drawings is a better solution

among many CAD software, AutoCAD developed by Autodesk company is easy to use and has perfect functions, which is widely welcomed by designers. Therefore, the DWG format of AutoCAD has become a de facto standard for two-dimensional engineering drawings. Although the DWG file also depends on the supply of raw materials and can be placed on the page, the drawing cannot be browsed directly on the page. This paper introduces the method of publishing on engineering drawings using DWF format

II. CAD graphics format

graphics files are mainly divided into two categories according to the storage mode

(1) raster files display entities through the position and color of screen pixels, such as BMP, JPG, PNG, FLC, GIF and other formats. This kind of file can be used by many software, most of which can be placed directly on the. Although AutoCAD can also output graphics in the format of raster file, the accuracy cannot be guaranteed

(2) vector files use objects and directions to jointly represent entities. Vector images are not directly related to pixels on the screen, and pixels on the display are only used to display simple graphics. Vector graphics can be compressed and printed without any loss of accuracy. AutoCAD DWG and DXF files adopt this format

autodesk has developed a DWF format. Although it is also a vector file, compared with DWG files, DWF has the following characteristics:

(1) smaller file size than DWG format. Compared with DWG files with the same content, the size is only 1/8 of DWG files, which is very suitable for up transmission and browsing

(2) good safety. DWF can be embedded in AutoCAD, and third-party software is required for conversion. Thus, the copyright of the document is guaranteed

(3) DWF does not display rendering effects. It is a two-dimensional file and cannot represent three-dimensional data

(4) direct browsing is not supported. Download whip! plug-in unit. For users who use IE, ActiveX controls will be automatically installed when AutoCAD is installed to support the viewing of DWF files. Whip! The download address of the plug-in is http:\whip

from this point of view, DWF format is an ideal way to share graphic information with other designers

III. making DWF files

f format overview

in AutoCAD R14, DWF files are generated by the export command, while in AutoCAD 2000, electronic drawings (i.e. DWF files) are published using the eplot feature. AutoCAD 2000 includes two 3 files and 3 files that can create DWF files. 3. The output of the configuration file takes 1) the design is black as the drawing background, and 3 file creates a DWF file with white background and drawing boundary

2. About DWF configuration

DWF files can be configured like general printers, as shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 DWF file attribute settings

(1) compression settings by default, DWF files are output in compressed binary format. Compression will not lose any data, and compression format is recommended for most DWF files. You can also create uncompressed binary files or uncompressed text files. These settings can be specified when creating or eplot configuration files

(2) resolution setting the higher the resolution of the DWF file, the higher its accuracy (you can observe it more carefully) during the experiment, but the larger the file size is, the greater the limitation of the upper transmission speed is. Therefore, for most graphics, medium or low resolution settings are sufficient. If the drawing contains larger, more and smaller geometric figures (such as city detail map, full assembly drawing of some equipment, etc.), a higher resolution setting can be used

(3) when creating DWF files with additional settings, you can also specify that the summit forum focus on the background color, layers, scaling, measurement and other information of modern factory informatization DWF

f file generation

after setting, you can print to the file. In the dialog box, you can set the size of the print area, file name, etc., as shown in 2. Attention should be paid to the setting of lineweight information

Figure 2 print file options

if you choose not to print lineweight, the system will print with the default setting of 0.06 inch. On the contrary, the lineweight can be displayed to a certain extent, but DWF's support for lineweight is not very good, especially when zooming in and out, the lineweight will be disproportionately zoomed in and out, so it depends on your own needs

4. There are two ways to view DWF drawings

(1) since the format information of HTML is included when generating DWF, you can use the following statements to directly connect DWF to the page (displayed as a page):

the value of option includes:

☆ view specifies the view position to be displayed

☆ namedview indicates a named view

☆ whether userinterface includes user interface

but for a page, you need a guide (forward, backward, etc.) for the page, so you should generally embed DWF files into the page

(2) add DWF to the page with

id= "Tupian"

class = CLSID: b2be75f3 – cf-abfe931

codebase= "(specify location when there is no plug-in)

width=" 255 "

height=" 167 "

pluginspage=" (specify location when there is no plug-in)

width = 255


src= "file://f: xumaofeng g"

view= "100+200+300+400"

namedview= "view1"

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