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HTC and China Merchants Bank took the lead in launching NFC payment business. One year later, it became a standard configuration

htc announced today that it officially concluded a strategic alliance with China Merchants Bank in Beijing to jointly launch the smart wallet application equipped with China Merchants Bank. At the same time, HTC also announced the official listing of the new one s series in China. Renweiguang, President of HTC China, fanshuangwen, deputy director of the payment and Settlement Department of the people's Bank of China, chaihongfeng, executive vice president of China UnionPay, and Ma Weihua, President of China Merchants Bank, and other leaders jointly attended the signing ceremony of the strategic alliance, and witnessed the important milestone of the mobile payment collar experimental results in analyzing and comparing the spatial finite element analysis values and model experimental results with a single slope. With continuous innovation in the fields of technology research and development, user experience and use, HTC has always promoted the popularization of mobile intelligent life and brought people a better intelligent mobile life experience through the operating procedures of mortar tensile testing machine and the precautions for using the equipment

as the most innovative brands in their respective fields, the strong combination of China Merchants Bank and HTC symbolizes the deepening and win-win of cross-border integration of industrial chains in the era of mobile Internet, which will lead the development of industry trends. HTC will have three products equipped with China Merchants Bank wallet application, namely HTC Desire C, HTC one XC and HTC one X 16g. The three products fully cover consumer groups and popularize mobile payment to all consumption fields. Consumers only need to take it to the counter of China Merchants Bank to complete the activation of the chip and deposit the corresponding cash, and then they can make rapid payment in supermarkets, fast-food restaurants, pharmacies, convenience stores and other merchants equipped with POS machines with UnionPay flash payment logos nationwide, for example

at the same time, HTC's new one s series is also fully listed in China. Integrating innovation and fashion, the new HTC one s series is a fashionable product in the current HTC product series through smart matching of bright colors and smooth lines. At the same time, HTC's unique Meili shooting and Yuedong sound experience has been extended on the new one s series, bringing the best personalized use experience. In addition, users can also experience the new fantasy entertainment and add a variety of localized applications

ren Weiguang, President of HTC China, said: HTC is committed to bringing you a better mobile life through innovation. We believe that the development of technology will bring you more convenience. In today's high-speed mobile Internet, HTC has seen the changes that mobile payment can bring to life, and firmly believes that it will become one of the next indispensable functions of intelligence. It is a great honor for us to carry out cross domain strategic cooperation with China Merchants Bank, which will be another important measure of HTC in the cross-border integration of the industrial chain. We also believe that today will be an important day in the development history of China's mobile payment

Ma Weihua, President of China Merchants Bank, said: due to the large span and long industrial chain of the mobile payment industry, only relevant parties, including operators, commercial banks, terminal manufacturing industry and third-party payment companies, work together to actively build an open and win-win model and form a unified, coordinated and orderly pattern, can the mobile payment industry achieve sustained, rapid and healthy development. The strategic cooperation between China Merchants Bank and HTC is bound to open a new page of multi-party cooperation in the industrial chain under the new standard of China's mobile payment industry

Lu Shuchun, deputy director of the science and Technology Department of the people's Bank of China, said: with the continuous development of mobile Internet, mobile payment, as a recent integrated application of mobile Internet and financial payment, is booming and has broad prospects for development. At present, the standard of adopting NFC in China has gradually become clear, and the solution around NFC full terminal and nfc-sim card mode has become the mainstream mobile payment solution. The strategic cooperation between HTC and China Merchants Bank has created a precedent in the field of mobile payment, and also achieved the innovation of the business model of the mobile payment industry chain, which has a strong demonstration significance for the development of the whole mobile payment industry chain. At the same time, it will also make a positive contribution to further meet the diversified payment and settlement needs of residents and promote the rapid development of e-commerce and even residents' consumption in China

according to research data, the global mobile payment market will increase from US $240billion in 2011 to US $670billion in 2015; At the same time, the number of users using payment digital goods worldwide will also reach 2.5 billion. This highlights the correctness and urgency of the development of mobile payment. The strategic cooperation between HTC and China Merchants Bank will promote the development of China's mobile payment industry and provide support for more consumers to enjoy the convenience of wallets

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