Only basic management is the root of informatizati

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Only basic management is the "root" of informatization.

nowadays, anyone who says that informatization is not good may be "treacherous". If informatization cannot bring benefits to enterprises, it may be regarded as "ignorant of the times". However, looking at all kinds of informatization projects we have seen in recent years, in the face of high failure rates, the problem seems to return to the most primitive level - when does it need to be informatization? Why informatization? What determines the success or failure of informatization

why is it necessary, but don't buy it

when I visited Zhejiang last year, the author had the opportunity to discuss the problem of informatization with many private entrepreneurs. These are the design requirements, type experiments, signs and quality control of the top covers of collecting wells and inspection wells in motor vehicle areas and pedestrian areas. Bsen124:1994 the growth enterprises with a scale of about 50million yuan are now becoming an important city for software manufacturers to seize the city. But when it comes to the system, a boss was startled: "Why software? Now communication is so developed that many things can be done, involving production and marketing coordination. In fact, when our family has dinner together, communication and implementation are almost the same." At that time, his colleagues generally believed that he was very conservative, not progressive enough, and unwilling to devote himself. Subsequent visits found that there were many enterprises with similar situations. Zhejiang merchants are known for their shrewdness and boldness. Why don't they value things that are generally valued by everyone

in fact, their demand has not reached the time when they urgently need this tool (this is actually the main reason why the current enterprise informatization is hot but not hot). If the enterprise's information means do not evolve, it will seriously damage its competitiveness, so the enterprise will naturally make a choice. Judging from the reality of most enterprises, in fact, they do not have the basic conditions for a complete set of management information systems. On the other hand, under the bombing of the voice of the absolute superiority of software companies, many premature information projects have emerged

traditional enterprises are pragmatic, including companies such as GE, which decided to launch after conducting careful research on e-commerce. Looking back at the judgment of Zhejiang bosses, he did not "buy" because he was not worried about the sophistication of information technology or a simple shortage of Funds - "these things are indeed advanced, and we may need them in the future, but now we don't need them."

a very advanced processing equipment in the industry and the development of highly competitive products will naturally become the first choice of everyone, because it realistically affects the survival and development of enterprises. Informatization is not the case. It is not only an arm for enterprises, but also a blood exchange for enterprises, which will affect the whole body

why failure is so common

the author found in the information consulting and investigation of a machinery factory that the same materials have different versions in different products, and some zero force measuring units adopt high-precision force value sensors and digital control system components with single chip microcomputer as the central processor, which can be used in different products with unified specifications (considering factors such as technical feasibility, safety assurance, material cost, etc.), However, the parts in this situation account for about 30% of the company's parts. Most of the problems come from the design stage. Due to the replacement of designers, urgent tasks and other reasons, many "details" simply have no time to think more. If the 30% artificially designed parts are treated according to the standardized rules, at least 10% of the mold investment can be reduced. The planner should not write too many unclear things in the production plan, which is a typical basic management work

in order to meet the rule accuracy requirements of experimental force and displacement, adjust the experimental machine to rely on software to solve the problem, they chose a software company to cooperate after rigorous bidding procedures. However, the result is that BPR (Business Process Reengineering) has been implemented for 6 months, which is long past the expected completion time of the project, and according to the current situation, it cannot be completed even if it is extended for one year. Software companies cannot meet the endless needs of machinery factories

in many informatization projects, such examples are everywhere! If these basic problems are not patiently standardized, there is only one result of the informatization project - seeking repeated changes, the proportion of human factors playing a role in enterprises is higher and higher, and the probability of failure is also higher and higher

why does the level of basic management determine success or failure?

the actual situation of many growth enterprises is that basic management has always been in a relatively extensive state. We usually pay more attention to marketing, sales, procurement, equipment and other links and resources than to internal production site management. On some occasions, if you discuss fixed position management and labor quota, you may laugh at you as "old-fashioned". But what our enterprises lack is the importance of common sense

for the problem of basic management, it is urgent for enterprises to make up lessons. More consideration should be given to the basic attributes of resources in the production and manufacturing process, so as to have a benchmark judgment on the scope and degree of the stable operation of information projects, and it will be possible to smoothly evolve information technology into real productivity. In addition, by strengthening basic management, we will have a more objective understanding of the current "advanced" management tools, and we will also see the context of enterprise operation more clearly. In this way, we will work on key businesses, in fact, promote the informatization process of enterprises, and help improve the core competitiveness of enterprises

for many enterprises, informatization is a management evolution process, and how to consolidate the management foundation is very important. Under the premise of respecting the economic law, how to give full play to the role of business intelligence, deeply improve the operation level, and make the management model first, and then digitalize is a very practical choice for informatization. From the basic level of informatization, it is realistic to use informatization means to improve management level only when information is expressed in data rather than documents or non natural languages. But this is absolutely impossible without the backing of solid basic management

information system has its inherent correlation characteristics. In essence, it is moving towards orderly information sharing. If the process is clear and scientific, most of the business activities of the enterprise follow the basic norms, and the specific implementation process will be much smoother. This is also inseparable from solid basic management

basic management is the root of informatization. (end)

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