One week summary of the hottest butanone Market

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One week summary of butanone market

East China market: this week, the operation of butanone market in East China is not optimistic, the focus of market transactions has repeatedly declined, and there are few transactions in the market. As of this weekend, the mainstream quotation of butanone market in Ningbo was about yuan/ton, and the actual transaction was about 6200 yuan/ton. Market participants operated cautiously, and the transaction continued to decline over the weekend. The butanone market in Jiangsu Province fell slightly. Fushun Petrochemical's quotation here remained at 6500 yuan/ton this week, and the mainstream quotation of traders was about 6500 yuan/ton. The actual transaction negotiation was 6100 yuan/ton. At the weekend, the downstream receiving was light, so the actual trading volume of the market was limited. The market price of butanone in Shanghai is about 00 yuan/ton for volume regulation of variable pump selected by the system, and the mainstream transaction price is about 6200 yuan/ton. At present, the market supply is moderate, the downstream purchase is cautious, and the shipment of traders is limited. This week, the above three places showed a decrease of about 600 yuan/ton compared with last week. South China market: the butanone market in South China continued to weaken this week. The current market is greatly affected by negative factors such as weak demand and relatively sufficient supply. The decline rate this week is about 600 yuan/ton. Dushanzi quoted 6500 yuan/ton in the region, and the mainstream quotation of domestic goods in the local market was about yuan/ton. The imported goods were slightly higher and delivered to the quotation range of yuan/ton. At the weekend, the enthusiasm of downstream inquiries was not high, and the opinions of market participants were divergent. Most of the onlookers were cautious about entering the market. In terms of late arrival: Exxon 1000 tons of butanone will be transported to the South China market at the end of the month to realize the organic adjustment of the experimental space. North China market: the performance of butanone market in North China in the week was relatively moderate, and the quotation has not yet seen obvious ups and downs, and the transaction center moved down at the weekend. At present, the mainstream quotation in the market is about 6500 yuan/ton (delivery price), the market supply is reasonable, the downstream demand for goods is not enthusiastic, and the market trading volume is limited. The start-up of Hebei Zoje butanone plant was normal this week, and the ex factory price was 6200 yuan/ton at the weekend. The quotation was stable this week, but the actual transaction fell due to low market demand, circulation of low-cost goods and other factors. This week, the manufacturer is still limited in sales. This week, the manufacturer stably reported that the enterprises in the ecosystem are endowed with and installed and checked the energy price of the electrical system to consolidate the market. Heilongjiang Petrochemical butanone plant started stably this week, with moderate inventory, and the ex factory price is still 5800 yuan/ton. The manufacturer said that recently, it was mainly stable consolidation, and the shipment performance was average

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