One week trend of the hottest xylene market price

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One week trend of xylene market price


xylene trend is similar to toluene, and the increase is less than that of toluene, which is relatively slow

the energy-saving effect in East China is good: last week, the xylene market in East China was relatively positive, with a large increase, and the mainstream market price was 6600-6700 yuan/ton. As of this week, although the oil price rose sharply and traders raised their prices again, the downstream market again began to have a wait-and-see mentality, with weak purchase intention and small market turnover. At present, the market price is 6650-6750, with an increase of 150 yuan/ton

South China: the price of toluene rose slightly last Tuesday, and the mainstream price was 6600-6750 yuan/ton. As of this week, the rise in oil prices once again stimulated the market, and traders raised their quotations to 6900-7000 yuan/ton. The wait-and-see atmosphere in the market has not faded, and the replenishment sentiment of some traders is not high

later made the oscillation test more important. Market Forecast: under the influence of the sharp rise in international oil prices, the market price of xylene market increased slightly this week in order to better answer various questions raised by users in order to compare tooling. At present, the downstream market is better than that in the early stage, and the demander gradually enters the market, which will have a certain support for the price of xylene. It is expected that xylene in the future market will still rise slightly

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