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The value of 45% blockchain projects returns to zero after one year. Can the prediction of artificial intelligence be trusted

45% blockchain projects return to zero after one year. Is the prediction of artificial intelligence credible

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original title: 45% of blockchain projects return to zero after one year. Is the prediction of artificial intelligence credible

if AI can help you predict future prices and make investment decisions, will you give money to AI

in the media, we see that AI helps human beings make investment decisions. One is that AI managed funds do not make money or even lose money after "one meal operation", and the other is that AI outperforms professional fund managers in the stock market to achieve contrarian profits

there is a foreign station called wallet investor, which specializes in AI prediction of various financial products, including stocks, foreign exchange, commodity futures, funds, etc. Recently, they have also added AI prediction of digital cryptocurrencies. Wallet investor puts the trading volume, recent and historical prices, development trends and other data of financial products into the artificial intelligence prediction model, and obtains an investment reference with certain reference significance. But is this market really predictable for digital cryptocurrency investment in the blockchain world

taking stocks and bulk commodities as examples, sophisticated investors can judge the buying and selling points according to market information and fluctuation trends, and can predict on the whole. However, there are more uncontrollable factors in the digital cryptocurrency market, such as private investors, exchanges, hackers and many other factors will lead to unpredictable changes in digital confidential currencies such as BTC and eth

let's take a look at Ai's advice on digital cryptocurrency investment. After a meal, is it as fierce as a tiger or 0:5

* the data used in this article are artificial intelligence analysis and judgment, which are for reference only and do not constitute investment suggestions. You will know why after reading it

AI predicts that 45% of the initial public offering of tokens will return to zero one year later

according to the AI analysis of this station, we can see that it has predicted the price of each digital encryption product due to the recent downturn in the experimental machine industry, with a time range of 14 days, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years of large-scale fine testing instruments specialized in electrical engineering

in this data, we found several interesting data, such as many mainstream currencies will return to zero within one year, such as eth, BCH, ADA, QTM, etc., and some well-known projects, such as OMG, GiftO, cybermiles, bit-z, silver coin, etc., will also face the risk of returning to zero. In the list, BTC, EOS, XRP, Wright coin, Monroe coin and other items will be doubled

in the whole list, about 960 tokens are predicted by AI as "the value will return to zero after one year, and the price will fall by 100%", and hundreds of tokens will "fall by more than 80% in the next year", which can be said to be "red"

355 tokens have been predicted by AI as "doubling the value in one year", of which 19 items can achieve a 10 fold increase in value. Projects we are familiar with, such as BTC, EOS, XRP, LTC, dash, etc, TRX, will achieve at least double growth

but is the prediction of the experimental function of artificial intelligence Jinan Fangyuan experimental machine factory, which specializes in the production of universal materials, really accurate

in fact, AI has been poor at predicting prices. It was once called "artificial mental retardation". Because of many reasons, such as the accuracy of the model, the weight and the source of prediction data, the prediction of an event by artificial intelligence is still at a very early stage

in the list of wallet investor's soaring 10x coins, we see several incredible items, such as centra, which has been sentenced to death. This is a project written by blockbeats. The project is endorsed by American boxing champion Mayweather. However, due to commercial fraud, the project is classified as fraud in the United States, and the founder was arrested by the police at the airport. The project has basically entered the stage of death, with only a few people trading, and the trading volume in the past 24 hours was only $2000. (read "American Boxer Mayweather was cheated in cross-border propaganda of ICO, how to explain to thousands of fans?"

there are also a large number of air currency items in the list of 10x coins. For example, the mercury protocol item, which ranks first, is close to being removed from the statistical station, and the trading volume in the past 24 hours is less than $100. Yes, you are right. This project is dead. Blockchain index, which ranks third, has a trading volume of less than $200 in the past 24 hours. 10m token, the fourth ranked project, was not included in coinmarketcap. Xplay, which ranks fifth, has a trading volume of less than $300 in the past 24 hours

in the list of zero coins, we also see several confusing items appear above. For example, Ethereum's token eth will be zero within a year, bitcoin cash will fall by 99.9983% after a year, almost zero, dascoin will also be zero, the well-known technology project ADA will also be zero, and quantum chain QTM with a daily trading volume of nearly 5000 yuan will be zero

it is undeniable that the recent performance of the above five projects is indeed unsatisfactory, especially eth, which has been shorted by the media and professionals, is about to return to zero. However, projects such as Ethereum, bitcoin cash, dascoin, quantum chain and so on have generated corresponding social value, which is difficult to return to zero in theory

here we have to start to doubt whether AI can make investment analysis and judgment. Is their decision really credible

is artificial intelligence all right

in 2017, aieq, the world's first ETF fund to invest with artificial intelligence, began to operate. The manager of this fund is an "artificial intelligence" running on IBM Watson supercomputer, which can analyze and trade 6000 stocks 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

in the eyes of many people, AI is faster and more accurate, and it can operate on more investment targets than traditional pure artificial investment. Investment decisions that previously required a lot of time to be made manually took only a few seconds to be more complex and intelligent according to the classification of varieties. Two days before its launch, this AI investment fund easily outperformed the market. It seemed that AI was about to achieve a dramatic reversal, which made many fund managers, traders and analysts worried about their jobs

however, one month later, aieq fell by 3.27%, while the S & P 500 index rose by 1.06% in the same period. In that bull market, investors made more money by buying any stock than aieq. However, due to the good performance of the US stock market this year, aieq has started a beautiful turnaround operation. The return of the S & P 500 index this year is about 8%, while the return of aieq has reached 12%, and the investors of the latter can obtain an excess return of 4%

in addition to the United States, many institutions in China are also involved in AI investment consulting business, such as Capricorn intelligent investment of China Merchants Bank, AI investment of ICBC, Mira investment of Yixin, financial magic, Xuanji, etc. According to the statistics of light finance, only Xuanji's investment income is positive, and the other four intelligent investment advisers are negative. However, compared with the 10% decline in the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index over the same period, the performance of the remaining four companies is not bad

Lu Chen, a risk analyst, said in an interview with yichai that "a lot of AI" is now a statistical method to trace back to historical big data. The statistical black box has a large appetite, and it needs to be fed a lot of historical data to make very limited predictions for the future. At the same time, this prediction is very fixed and static. According to this prediction, we should set corresponding solutions for the future and face the uncertainty of the future. However, the market is changing rapidly, time does not stop, and the original fixed starting point has become history

although listed companies will actively disclose a lot of data, and a lot of information hidden behind the data cannot be analyzed by artificial intelligence. For example, although the number of employees is disclosed, the status of employees needs on-site investigation to be determined; Although the business data is displayed in the financial report, there may also be Rino technology, which can only be found by going to the scene in person. Although artificial intelligence can predict such problems, its prediction results are not accurate

back to the AI analysis of currency price in this paper, we can see from the large number of deviations in the data given by this station that the digital cryptocurrency market can hardly be predicted. This has a lot to do with the chaotic situation of the digital cryptocurrency market, and also has a lot to do with the intelligence level of the artificial intelligence involved in the analysis

AI certainly doesn't know when the dealer will pull the plate

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