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Two new models of Spain lberica Ag

the die-cutting machines currently provided by Spain lberica AG are developed based on market needs, including: the number of die-cutting, the organizational structure of the company, the packaging style produced and the different materials used by each customer for processing

lberica's latest market is a trk-105 die-cutting machine, which was exhibited in drupa last year, with a format of 75 × 105mm, with box dividing device installed. Due to the use of automatic non-stop feeding device, the machine has been improved in the sheet fed technology. The pre cleaning waste preparation device and box dividing table can also be used to improve the production capacity of the machine

lberica also provides a sr-144 die-cutting machine with the development of new energy vehicles and the passage of time, which is installed with a standard paper receiving mechanism. The paper receiving mechanism is equipped with automatic non-stop equipment, programmable counters and cutting-edge waste cleaning devices. Size 104 × Not long ago, sr-144 die-cutting machine of 144MM can meet the die-cutting processing required by all sheet fed printing machines with format VI. the principle of printing sheets is introduced. The maximum speed of the die-cutting machine is 7500 pieces/small. When it was gradually cut for the market, the maximum die-cutting pressure reached 600 tons

These two new models of lberica company have successfully occupied a stable market in the world, and now they are installed by customers in Germany, the United States, Greece and Spain

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