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Weighing and coding of fruit packaging

Brewster heights, a packer of cherries and apples, installed the first line director system. The target market is fruit packaging. This solution integrates scanning, weighing and outer packaging coding. Through database software, it can produce a variety of products quickly and accurately

for fruit packaging, the key is speed. Today's ripe, round cherries may rot the next day if they are not treated in time. Brewster heights packaging company invested in a new packaging equipment last year, which greatly increased the output of cherry and apple packaging machines in the cherry harvest season - the sixth week of the middle of the summer. "Cherry seasonality is very short, and our annual packaging volume is about 200000 to 300000 boxes, but we want to achieve a 20% growth rate by purchasing new equipment," said Dan pariseau, the plant manager

with the growth of packaging equipment, however, the new packaging machine and Brewster's original slow, manual weighing equipment and carton coding along the production line form a bottleneck effect. In order to speed up, Brewster is the first to install a new solution, namely line director of graphic label ()?, It is especially suitable for the needs of fruit packaging speed and variable data. Through cooperation with Marken's Inkjet coding, graphic label's customized software and Ca are lower than polypropylene rlson's weighing. So line director not only provides Brewster with fast weighing and coding, but also more accurate data collection, cleaner, clearer and less manual work

Brewster, founded by the gebbers family in 1973, began as an apple packaging company. Ten years ago, it began to expand its business to cherry packaging. In North Central Washington, Brewster employs 250 workers (more in Cherry packing season), covering an area of about five acres. Depending on the harvest, the company will pack 2million to 3million boxes of fruit every year, 75% of which will be sent to the country through contractors, and the rest will be exported outside the United States

like most fruit packaging companies, Brewster's business must be classified according to the size, color and diversity of fruits, and then packaged into special packages according to requirements, which is particularly complex. Together with the customer's independent carton size and label specifications, Brewster is facing 20 different cherry packages. Pariseau explained that cherries are packed according to size, with specifications ranging from 8 to 12 (12 is the smallest), one file per 0.5. Apples are divided into 14 different specifications, which are further subdivided according to their color, quantity and variety

in Brewster, fresh fruits are selected and then placed on the production line. Each 20lb is packaged in recycled plastic containers (PRCs) or other separable and degradable packages, including 2 pounds of plastic packaging or 1-4 pounds of hard packaging, and small-sized packaging is then packaged into large packaging. Before installing in line director, package it into recycled plastic containers, and then weigh it. The operator weighs it when it is at a standstill. Sometimes those packages are not enough, sometimes they are overweight, in which case they will be taken away by employees. If the weight is appropriate, continue to put it on the conveyor belt and use the dot matrix inkjet printer to print the relevant information

pariseau said that although the dot matrix printer represents the second generation technology, marking for fruit packaging, and it is also an important factor in brand marketing, its performance is many times better than its original manual imprinting, but it is not the best coding quality. "The inkjet system is OK, but it's not clear enough," he commented. "In this era, food safety has always been concerned, especially for fresh food. It's best for customers to read the information inside from the outer packaging box, and then trace back to the system, region or production time."

at the end of June, after a busy installation weekend of graphic label, line director made his first deal in the Brewster 2004 cherry harvest season. As the developers of line director, Shelley and Lyle von Essen, as the vice president and President of graphic label company respectively, explained that the system mainly includes three parts, namely, line director software, Marken inkjet printer and Carlson weighing and conveyor belt. "The three parts fully reflect that we consider the three characteristics of the system, namely, it is more intelligent, cleaner and faster," Shelley von Essen said. "The software is more intelligent than we have seen in the past. The inkjet system is much cleaner than the coding system applied in the fruit industry, and the weighing/transmission is much faster."

line director is used to manage the warehouse. Many different products and packages may be packed at the same time. Many fruit packers will use the commit to pack packaging line to classify and package at the same time, which may lead to the simultaneous offline of most packages and products. However, Brewster, as a large-scale production factory, has the same type, specification and color of packaging in the same type of packaging, and it is mass production. Therefore, the graphic label company adjusts the line director according to the needs of Brewster. This process starts with putting a label with barcode on the box full of fruits in an operational way. This barcode can identify the outer box and up to 16 unique digital contents, packaging items, varieties, grades, weights, packaging dates, batches, etc. These boxes are then placed on the conveyor belt and weighed. Brewster can keep up with the new cherry packaging equipment. The speed is up to 61m/min, and the weight counter quickly records the weight of the package and sends information to line director

these information is then transmitted to MICROSCAN () ms-820 coding scanner to detect barcode information. Line director software determines the qualified range of packaging weight according to barcode information. According to pariseau, accurate packaging weight is very important for cherry packaging, because the system will automatically remove those products that are overweight or underweight after coding. For Brewster, the system not only greatly improves the speed of cherry weighing, but also eliminates the need for two operators to manually detect the packaging weight and then remove the unqualified packaging as before. At the same time, line director pays a license number to each bag, including all information of packaging and products, including packaging time, personnel, product information, etc. This data is stored in an open database and may be transferred to other programs - such as finance, logistics or sales - for professional reporting. Brewster does not use such information now. It has found that the system can collect daily production information, eliminating the additional record tracking tasks of previous manual operations. After the scanner reads the barcode, the line director will send a message to makken's 5200 carton inkjet machine - the next step is the carton part - and the relevant variable data will be printed on the packaging box, which includes the variety, size, weight, batch number and the batch number of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, including the packaging time and grade. Pariseau pointed out that each customer may also put the required inventory control information on the outer box according to their needs. For example, if the product comes in, the storage room and product identification code used by our single column tensile machine can be selected for the small sample size and small tensile force

von essens said that makken's 5200 is a very good choice for fast fruit packaging. "Marken's big character solid ink technology is so reliable," Shelley von Essen commented. "Although it's just a workshop, the staff are very happy, in fact, there is almost no trouble."

pariseau said that he was very grateful for the speed of the inkjet system without any stains. He liked touch dry? From the ink-jet coding technology of one touch drying to "color solid ink, spray on demand". In addition, he was also excited about the clarity of the coding machine. "Even at six o'clock, the effect is very clear," he said. The system can reach 3000 bags/hour, Brewster cherry packaging is coded at the speed of 1000 bags/hour, and apple packaging speed is 800 bags/hour. Since the line director was installed on Brewster, graphic label has expanded its system to several types of fruit packaging, excluding apples, cherries and pears. According to von essens, many successful applications are attributed to Marken. "Although there are many functions in the software and the employees have done a lot of work, the most striking thing is the print quality," Lyle von Essen said. "Makken has always been a very good partner. Moreover, cooperating with makken, we have new things and separately applicable fruit packages. We believe that its coding is more effective and the quality will be better."

for Brewster, Marken system has greatly promoted the development of cherry packaging. Pariseau commented, "all departments like this system for different reasons. For the production department, they like it because its printing is clean and fast. In addition, now they may spend less time generating product information - it can be generated automatically. Financial personnel like it because the data is more accurate. In addition, sales personnel also like it because its printing effect is better.

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