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The monitoring technology of drawing frame

hsrl000 drawing locomotive has a high speed, which is the same as rsb-d30 and rsb-d50 in Switzerland, with a maximum speed of 1000m/min. in addition to the self leveling system, the drawing frame is also equipped with the USTER sliver coarse section monitoring system sliverous. Through the joint work of sensors and servo motors, a fine quality monitoring system for the deeds of 101 enterprises is formed, and the detected signals reflect the changes in the weight of slivers, It also reflects whether there are coarse sliver defects. The application of precision scanning detection system can monitor the extremely small weight changes of the drawing frame, which can be converted into high-definition signals and displayed on the screen

other rsb-d30 and rsb-d50 drawing frames have similar high-precision quality monitoring systems. With the development of modern drawing frame monitoring technology

technology and self leveling system, offline monitoring of weight unevenness, weight deviation, and sliver dry transmission can be avoided. At the same time, offline monitoring tasks in the laboratory can be eliminated. The modern drawing frame leveling system can level the sliver within ± 25% to within ± 1%, Even if the vehicle speed is 1000m/min, the leveling effect will not be affected

the effect of open-loop self leveling on drawing frame is better than that of closed-loop self leveling. For example, the scanning distance of rsb-d30 is only 6mm. When placed on the second drawing frame, this polylactic acid has good leveling effect, the yarn weight unevenness is about 1.5%, and the weight difference of 100 meters is only 0.3%. In the new blowing carding unit and drawing frame system with self leveling, due to the improvement of monitoring technology, the weight deviation and weight unevenness weighing method speed of offline cooked sliver manual operation is too low. The delay alliance aims to combine the technical achievements and innovation ability of the Chinese Academy of Sciences with the operation ability, industrial transformation ability, market development ability, sales and service ability of relevant enterprises, and the error is large, so it cannot be monitored timely and accurately, Therefore, this offline monitoring method can be cancelled. The sliver speed of the feeding part on the drawing frame is slow and it is difficult to detect, so the self leveling adopts the open-loop type, which is mostly placed on the second drawing frame

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