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Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the Standards Department of Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision said that at present, there are only 32 tea enterprises that have passed QS certification in Nanjing. The quality supervision department will strengthen inspection and punish those that have not passed QS certification

regulations: nine kinds of tea packages should be pasted with QS marks

it is understood that there are nine kinds of tea that must be pasted with QS marks, including all green tea, black tea, oolong tea, yellow tea, white tea, black tea, flower tea, bag tea and pressed tea processed from fresh leaves of trees in mechanical and electronic ways only

according to Ding Yuanyang, Deputy Secretary General of Nanjing Tea Association, the packaging bags of bulk tea should also be pasted with QS signs according to regulations. There are two cases of bulk tea packaging leaving the factory: first, small packages are directly delivered to the final consumer; Second, large packages are delivered to sub packaging enterprises or distribution companies, and then sub packaged into small packages by sub packaging enterprises or distribution companies (which must obtain QS certification) for sale to consumers who have two sides to everything. In either case, the tea package that consumers finally buy must be marked completely, so that they can find relevant enterprises in case of qualitative disputes. Ding Yuanyang admitted that considering the actual situation of the tea industry, the large proportion of bulk tea sales, people's habitual thinking and other factors, QS certification has certain difficulties in the actual operation of bulk tea

current situation: only 34% of tea products have "QS"

visiting major supermarkets, stores and tea shops, we found that there are not many tea with QS logo. In a supermarket on Ruijin Road, among a large number of packaged tea products, only 30% or 40% of the tea products marked with QS logo on the outer package. There is no QS in the herbal tea and Gaoshan xiaomaojian launched by an enterprise in Yangzhou. Signs; There are many teas produced locally in Nanjing. I carry the book QS logo. A consumer who is shopping for tea said that he usually depends on the origin and crystal brand when buying tea. He believes that implementing QS certification for tea is definitely a very good thing for consumers, which can make tea more quality assurance

it is found that the QS logo on the tea commodity packaging has a variety of forms and colors, and some QS patterns on the logo are white and dark blue; QS marks on some outer packages are manually pasted; For some tea sold in bulk, the tea is packed in large glass bottles, and the QS logo is pasted on the outside of the glass bottles

threshold: Tea QS certification has high access requirements

according to the relevant person of the Standards Department of Nanjing Bureau of quality supervision, there are only 32 tea enterprises that have passed QS certification in Nanjing at present. According to the statistics of Nanjing Tea Association, there are thousands of tea enterprises in Nanjing. Qian Jianjun, the boss of "Taihu Baiyun tea", told that in the first half of last year, "Taihu Baiyun" applied for QS certification. There were hundreds of enterprises in the same batch, but only dozens of them finally passed. Many small enterprises failed to pass. The reason is that QS certification requirements are relatively strict, and there are specific requirements for fertilization, packaging, sanitation and other links. Many enterprises usually don't pay attention, which eventually led to the failure to pass QS certification

Qian Cunliang, the boss of Jiangsu Tea Co., Ltd., believes that many large-scale tea enterprises have consciously passed QS certification, but for many small and medium-sized tea enterprises, QS certification is a threshold in front of them. The production mode of small workshops is far from the requirements of market standards

the relevant person of Beijing Tea Association controlled by Southern single chip microcomputer said that how to make these tea enterprises share QS standards and requirements is a new topic and challenge. Small enterprises and workshops should be given more relaxation time, so that they have enough time to adjust themselves, and let the market shuffle their own cards

Market: food without QS mark shall not be sold

according to relevant national regulations, from January 1 this year, 13 categories of food, including tea, began to implement QS certification system. Tea and other commodities produced after January 1 this year, without QS mark, cannot be sold in the market. According to the national implementation of the QS certification of these 13 categories of food: from January 1 this year, the unlicensed production of 13 categories of food such as tea will be investigated and dealt with; The transition period from January 1 to the end of February is the rectification period; The period from March 1 to the end of December is the period of strict law enforcement. It is reported that for the production and sale of food without QS mark, a fine of more than 50000 yuan and less than 200000 yuan will be imposed

the visit found that QS certification system is well implemented in other foods. In the tea market, due to the large number of tea enterprises and the large proportion of retail and wholesale sales, the implementation of QS is not optimistic

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