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The dependence of the photovoltaic industry on state subsidies is gradually decreasing

commissioned by the European Commission, a newly completed study by Vienna University of technology, Austria, shows that with the reduction of production costs and the improvement of photoelectric efficiency, the state subsidies of EU countries to the photovoltaic industry will be gradually stopped in the next 25 years, with southern Europe and Germany taking the lead in stepping into the ranks without subsidies

according to the research report titled "photovoltaic - balance of power", with the improvement of technical level, the power generation efficiency of photovoltaic equipment continues to increase, while the production price continues to decline. The dependence of photovoltaic industry on state subsidies is gradually decreasing

when releasing this research report on the 26th, Leitner, head of the energy economy research group of Vienna University of technology, explained that according to the forecast, southern Italy and Spain will achieve a balance between the investment and benefit ratio of small photovoltaic equipment this year, and the country will no longer need to provide subsidies for small household photovoltaic power generation equipment

in addition, Germany has huge technical advantages in the production of related equipment, and its photovoltaic equipment has a high cost performance ratio. In addition, the electricity price in Germany is relatively expensive, which makes the installation of photovoltaic equipment in Germany also economically attractive. Austria is also expected to achieve this in the next year or two, but its mechanical properties are not as good as thermosetting plastics

apart from Vienna Technical University, Imperial College London, UK? The Jinan test spring tension and compression testing machine of Crete University of technology in Greece and a number of enterprises and foundations is mainly used to measure the force of the spring, and also participated in this research

Leitner believes that photovoltaic is an important component of renewable energy and an important means for human beings to cope with climate change. However, due to its high development and production costs, in order to occupy and consolidate its market position, countries around the world have adopted subsidy policies at the initial stage, which is a correct move, but it is indeed time to consider reducing subsidies

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