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Design and market positioning of characteristic toy packaging (Part I)

[Abstract] characteristic toys have a rapidly growing market, but they are still in the exploratory stage in the corresponding packaging design field. By analyzing and thinking about the market positioning of this kind of products, this paper studies and summarizes the basic characteristics of the packaging design of characteristic toy products in the aspects of graphic application, color, modeling, etc., which will help designers correctly grasp the product positioning and achieve the perfect integration of commerciality and artistry of characteristic toy packaging

key words: young people; Features; packing design; Culture

with the rapid development of China's economic level, people have higher and higher requirements for entertainment and leisure outside of clothing, food, housing and transportation. Some western characteristic toys for adults have also begun to appear in the market and begin to take root and grow up in China. Domestic toy manufacturers have also actively participated in the competition in the characteristic toy market. It is a new research topic that China began to try and compete in the field of characteristic toys and found out the packaging design of characteristic toys that is suitable for China's national conditions and can be expected to occupy the largest market share and effectively attract young consumers. Packaging is the most direct way to add value and promote sales of products, as well as toy products. There are many differences between the toy design for young people and children's toys. The latter's requirements for intelligence, durability and the cultivation of practical ability do not meet the target objects of characteristic toys. The characteristics and personality, collectability and the fineness of toys themselves are what adults pursue when buying toys. Therefore, the packaging design should also conform to the values and aesthetics of young people, and echo with the characteristics of toys themselves, so as to achieve the best marketing effect

EMI Japan replaced the packaging of a model toy it produced 20 years ago and launched it again, setting off another sales upsurge. This shows the importance of packaging design in toy market sales. The main purpose of packaging design is to attract consumers. In order to make toy products fully attract young consumers, in addition to the positioning of sales channels and advertising should be independent of children's toys, it is more important to integrate characteristics and personality into packaging design, open the gap with other similar products, especially children's toys, and highlight their sense of grade. To achieve these points, we should first start with the popular culture of young people, Learn from the fashion, cartoon, music and TV culture loved by young people to make the positioning of packaging design accurate

1 market situation of characteristic toys

in a mature toy market, the market target positioning of toys is mainly divided into two categories: Children's toys and characteristic toys for adults. In China, the toy market is not mature, especially the understanding of toys is not mature; The deep-rooted concept that "toys are what children play" has constrained the domestic toy industry; According to the statistics of the Japan Toy Association, in Japan, the world's second largest toy market, with a market size of 900billion yen, special toys for adults account for more than 65% of the market share, and at least 84% of adult Japanese over 18 years old own toys. In the United States, the largest toy market in the world, it can generate about 10billion dollars of benefits every year, and the characteristic toys for adults account for more than 40% of them. In China, the world's largest toy production base, the adult characteristic toy market is almost blank. Domestic manufacturers blindly focus on children's toys, resulting in the huge and rapidly growing domestic characteristic toy market being almost completely occupied by foreign brands. However, due to the high profits of the characteristic toy industry for adults at this stage, it is a general trend for domestic manufacturers to join the characteristic toy market [1]. In the case of brand awareness and production scale lagging behind foreign manufacturers, China's characteristic toys especially need to pay attention to the important role of packaging design itself

2 market positioning analysis of characteristic toys

positioning design is a very important new concept in modern packaging design. According to the different psychological needs of different consumer groups for commodities, we can highlight the corresponding characteristics in packaging design, so as to maximize the basic functions of packaging

2. 1. Target market positioning of characteristic toys

child barcon says that he likes to play. In fact, many adults also have the nature of playing. The popularity of TV computer games and cartoon films and television works among adults is an example. The emergence of characteristic toys meets the needs of adults for toys; Adult consumers at different levels have different needs for adult toys. For example, adult women like high-end and exquisite decorative toys, such as cloth dolls, plush dolls and small animals; Middle aged people will choose toys that are recreational and collectable, such as cars and military models; However, most of the young people, the main consumer of the adult toy market, like the collection doll toys with characteristics and personality

2. 2. Design orientation of characteristic toys

the main consumers of characteristic toys are young people aged 20 to 30. Young people buy toys for their personality, quality and collection value, rather than traditional toy products based on play. Therefore, the design requirements of durable, educational, colorful and other children's toys can be abandoned in the design of characteristic toys and replaced by personality and fashion, Unique material and shape, and excellent quality

2. 3 packaging design positioning of characteristic toys

most of the consumer groups of characteristic toys are people with stable economic income, and even many of them belong to the high-income class. Of course, their toy series should also have enough sense of class; The source of the sense of class should not be the high price, but reflected by the packaging design. Toys for adults are mostly purchased as a kind of collectibles. In terms of the intuitive packaging, the gap should be widened from pure play goods. The function of protecting goods should be put in the secondary place in the packaging of characteristic toys, and the function of increasing the value of goods and promoting sales should be considered first. At the same time, the young people who are the main consumers of characteristic toys are innovative people, and the personalized and fashionable design can be widely accepted among them. The characteristic toys themselves have become the top priority in implementing the innovation driven development strategy. The characteristic of constant innovation should also be echoed in the packaging design. They should not be too systematic and use too fixed models. Free innovation and constant change are the key points to increase the charm of packaging design

2. 4 sales channel positioning of characteristic toys

because of the unique style of toy design and packaging design, the sales of characteristic toys also need corresponding environment and atmosphere. The Ministry of industry and information technology, the development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of science and technology, and the Ministry of Finance organized relevant academicians and experts to set up a drafting group so that consumers will not be confused with children's toys. Adults do not only pay attention to the toy packaging when buying toys, It also attaches great importance to the atmosphere and grade of the buying environment, so its sales environment and display design should also have a sense of grade, maturity and characteristics. At present, many shopping malls in China have set up special adult toy counters, and many cities in China have also opened specialty toy stores for adults. Although the sales and display design are still a little elementary, it is an important step to separate independent sales channels for specialty toys. Therefore, the counter display effect should be considered in the packaging design of characteristic toys

(to be continued)

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