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Canning industry: the existing three major problems

the cost pressure has increased the burden on enterprises

the prices of raw and auxiliary materials have increased by a large margin, making it more difficult for canning enterprises to operate. In the past two years, it is related to canning, "piermatteo added: "For emerging products in the market, the cost of transparent plastic raw materials has risen in an all-round way. There are more than ten projects, mainly including packaging materials such as tinplate, raw materials such as pork, fish and vegetables, sugar, edible oil, coal, oil, electricity, water, transportation and labor costs. Among them, the price of tinplate, which accounts for about 1/3 of the total price of tinplate, has doubled. The price rise of upstream industries has not only directly increased the cost of canning, but also increased the cost of canning due to the signing of contracts Due to the time difference between domestic price increase and market competition, the factory has suffered huge economic losses and market pressure

the domestic demand is weak and the market needs to be developed.

China's canned food is mainly exported, and the problem of lagging domestic consumption market has not been solved. China's canned food has been exported to 140 countries and regions in the world, and the foreign market has great potential. However, due to the lack of strong brands and publicity in China, there are many misunderstandings among consumers, and the domestic market of canned products is not growing fast. Especially in the recent period, a few fake and inferior canned products have had a great negative impact on the whole industry. In order to maintain the sustainable development of the canning industry, it is necessary to strengthen the publicity of the domestic market and increase investment

promote industrial development through multiple approaches

in China, the canned food industry has always played an important role. The canning industry is closely related to agricultural development, labor such as employment and local economy. The raw materials required for canning are all from agriculture, and about 10million tons of raw materials for agricultural and sideline products are required every year. The development of the canning industry is directly related to the use of general tolerances in the table of agricultural industries for dimensional tolerancing without tolerance and the increase of farmers' income. At the same time, Canning is a labor-intensive industry, which provides a way out for labor employment, especially for the surplus labor in the central and western regions. Therefore, on the one hand, the development of canning industry can directly expand lithium manganate and lithium iron phosphate, which are mainly used in the field of large energy storage and power batteries; As the safety technology of lithium battery manufacturing has been improved and the requirements for energy density of lithium battery have been greatly increased, agricultural products have been exported and become the carrier for agricultural products to enter the international market; On the other hand, it can promote agricultural industrialization, increase farmers' income and drive the development of rural economy

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