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The demonstration meeting on the preconditions for access to the household glass industry was held in Beijing on December 22, 2009, China household glass association 4. The working temperature is 10~40 ℃, otherwise the viscosity of gear oil is too large or too small, which is harmful to the normal work. An expert demonstration meeting on the preconditions for access to the household glass industry was organized in Beijing. Menglingyan, the president of the association, liujianping, the vice president and secretary general, zhaowanbang, the deputy secretary general, and ten experts and scholars from the daily glass industry attended the meeting. Liujianping, the vice president and secretary general, presided over the demonstration meeting

entrusted by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, in order to implement the plan for the adjustment and revitalization of light industry, standardize the investment behavior of daily-use glass industry, prevent blind investment and low-level repeated construction, promote the adjustment of industrial structure, strengthen energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, and realize the sustainable and healthy development of daily-use glass industry, The China Daily Glass Association organized the drafting of the prerequisites for access to the daily glass industry (Exposure Draft)

liujianping, vice president and secretary general, introduced the guiding ideas and basic principles for the formulation of the premise of access at the demonstration meeting, and introduced the work of formulating the premise of access. 7. Time display accuracy: 1 second progress and relevant work requirements of the Ministry of industry and information technology. Based on the scientific and rigorous position, and in combination with the actual situation and development trend of the industry, the industry experts present at the meeting fully demonstrated the access premise (Exposure Draft), and freely and seriously put forward their opinions and suggestions for revision. According to the demonstration of this meeting, after forming the access premise (Revised Draft), it will be publicized on the association's website to widely solicit the opinions of the industry. A relevant symposium will be held in January next year to further solicit opinions and modify and improve the access premise for daily glass industry

chairman Meng Lingyan made a concluding speech at the demonstration meeting. He sincerely thanked all the participating experts and scholars for their contributions to the completion of the "prerequisites for access" (Exposure Draft). At the same time, some opinions on the work of "premise for access to daily glass industry" were put forward. 1、 When making the preparation instructions, we must have a correct description of the positioning of the daily-use glass industry. Explain the development prospect of the industry, and encourage the people to use a large number of healthy and environmental friendly glassware. The premise of access is that new construction, reconstruction and expansion projects need to be upgraded due to relative overcapacity. 2、 Increase the applicable scope of the access premise. 3、 To reflect the leading role of the association in the development of the daily glass industry at this stage, "the louder the noise before admission" indicates what to limit and encourage

Secretary General Liu Jianping once again affirmed and thanked the experts and scholars for their work, and thanked the general office of the State Council of China for forwarding the green building action plan formulated by the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of housing and Urban Rural Development International Engineering Co., Ltd. for its assistance to the meeting

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