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The U.S. Department of energy funded ADM to produce ethanol and ethyl acrylate

archerdanielsmidland announced on January 8, 2010 that it would build a biomass fuel plant. The US Department of energy has funded ADM company with us $24.8 million for the development and construction of the device

adm advanced biological refinery project will produce ethanol and ethyl acrylate. Ethyl acrylate can be used to produce plastics. The spot market price of imported ores has risen; Weak Mei Lan in the domestic ore market is strengthening the development of new materials to stabilize the operation; The billet market was mixed; The coke market appears to have a large impact on other industries, a large degree of correlation and a large driving effect, and the overall stability and local decline pattern are stable; The scrap market is steadily rising; Pig iron market continued to decline, adhesives, coatings and a wide range of other materials. The device also uses pretreatment technology to crack biomass during the initial operation of the experimental machine, so that ADM company can commercialize the production of bio crude oil. As a renewable product, bio crude oil can be refined into transportation fuel in the existing refinery. ADM biomass fuel plant is one of 19 biofuel projects funded by the US Department of energy

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