Warmly congratulate pinai franchisees on the succe

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Warm congratulations to pinai franchisees on the successful completion of the ninth training meeting

time is the most selfish, giving anyone 24 hours

time is also the most selfish, giving anyone 24 hours

now the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce

price war, brand war, user war Service war

in such a fierce competitive environment

elites from new franchised stores across the country participated in this course

how our salespersons and designers bravely advance in the turbulent market tide

how to let more consumers choose pinai and Xiangxin pinai

through three-day training courses and professional pinai production and design knowledge lectures, Terminal marketing, shopping guide skills, etc.

further improve their combat effectiveness

pinai students in the ninth phase will make a full sprint at the end of 2017 after the successful conclusion, and achieve better results

they will undertake the important mission of transformation and upgrading in their respective positions

serious learning atmosphere of students

small interaction of students during recess

group photo of students and lecturers in pinai's ninth phase of franchisee training




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