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The decoration of office buildings in Wuhan is completely different from that of individual families. The decoration of office buildings involves fire control system, attendance device system, access control system, etc., which is very complicated compared with family decoration. Then in the decoration of office buildings, engineering quality and many problems are the main aspects. It is also very important to choose a good decoration company when decorating, because the office building interior design also has a great impact on the physical condition of employees. So how to decorate office buildings and all the problems that should be paid attention to in the process of decoration design

1. The office space should be orderly. An office without order is like an enterprise without rules. As the saying goes, without rules, there is no place. An office without order will make people feel disordered. In the design, the space and three-dimensional arrangement should be regular, the ceiling and wall should be concise and clear, not fancy, not too much embellishment, and the placement of the desk should be neat and planned to appear orderly

2. Creating a sense of darkness is also one of the basic requirements of office design. As an office space, employees should be able to feel full of vitality when they approach it. Therefore, the color of the office should be bright and the lighting should be strong. At the same time, we can also properly display certain green animals in the office space, which not only help to refresh, prevent radiation, but also improve the air freshness index. So as to improve the comfort of employees' tasks and add personal pleasure

3. Promote the modern sense of office space and create a simple but not simple feature. At present, many office designs in China adopt open design, which can develop invention inspiration, help to open up ideas, and facilitate exchange, showing the promotion of freedom in tasks. The idea of new office space prevents people from feeling closed and oppressed by the traditional office

4. The office building decoration style of the enterprise office environment is the detailed expression of the enterprise culture. For example, we suggest that enterprises engaged in cultural exchange should pay more attention to "elegance"; The office environment of the advertising industry should be "vivid", so that customers are willing to hand over their work to creative advertising companies; The office environment of government departments is mainly "solemn" to show their cautious task style and so on

considering that the office is first of all a fast-paced task situation, the request is based on simplicity and applicability. Glass and stainless steel are used as materials, which can not only transmit light, but also be different from home decoration. In addition, according to the experience of state-owned enterprises and foreign enterprises we have worked for, we should also pay attention to the opposition between style and color of personal appliances; Regularity of three-dimensional arrangement; Isolate the opposition between high and low dimensions and color data; The flatness of the ceiling and the wall without fancy decoration; Reasonable indoor color and direction of people flow, etc. These can guarantee the different styles and applicable opposites of the office environment





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