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Monteroland doors and windows is a powerful brand that has stood out from the door and window industry in recent years. From March 11 to March 22, 2018, value-added preferential activities have been launched, and opening a store and joining enjoy five supports

March is a month of spring flowers

March, a month at the beginning of the new year

March, a month full of hope

March, a day when you and I are "together"

March is an annual grand building materials Expo. Many dealers will join their own brands through the exhibition. However, when participating in the exhibition, there are many brand choices, and the more choices, the more consideration will be given. The important factors in choosing a brand are that the product quality, the strength of the company and the service are the most important

how to choose a suitable brand

how about the product quality of this door and window brand

how about the strength of this door and window brand

how about the door and window service

how many dealers are there for this door and window in the country

which brand is suitable for you

monteroland doors and windows is a powerful brand that has stood out from the door and window industry in recent years. After just over two years of development, monteroland doors and windows has advanced European technology, and each product has undergone strict quality control. The company adheres to the concept of "quality assurance, service first" and strives to win steadily, with more than 100 exclusive stores nationwide

some dealers sign contracts on site

are the dealers ready for us to "be together"

2018 is a year for monteroland people to take off.

in March, monteroland people want to do something

during the activity period from March 11 to March 22,

place an order directly, enjoy a discount of 10.5%

open a store to join, and also enjoy the five supports of the company for opening a store

five supports of monteroland doors and windows

first, image design support

the company provides a unified VI system to ensure the standardization and unification of monteroland brand image

Second, on-site training guidance

the company arranges staff for free on-site training and sales on the day of opening a store Store opening experience, promotional activities and other professional knowledge

Third, brand publicity support

authorized use of the brand vis system, enjoy nationwide activities and promotion of the brand, and enhance the influence and appeal of the store

IV. exclusive support for regional rights and interests

ensure the initiative of the regional market, and ensure the exclusive enjoyment of the resources and income of each franchisee's business area

v. franchise rights and interests support

monteroland dealers enjoy the market development, use authorization Brand management and other franchise rights

in order to give back to new and old customers

as long as the cumulative order is up to 30000 yuan, the value is 1680 yuan

a beautiful high-end display cabinet (attached figure)

Beautiful high-end display cabinet

product display of monteroland

brief introduction of monteroland company

monteroland doors and windows is a high-end brand specializing in high-grade aluminum alloy doors and windows, focusing on exquisite, elegant and tasteful high-end Royal doors and windows. At the same time, it adds traditional Chinese elements, which perfectly matches the diligent pursuit of Chinese families for life taste, and is also a symbol of strength and taste





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