High level operation of butyl acrylate Market

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Butyl acrylate market was running at a high level

last week, the domestic butyl acrylate market was strong and volatile, and the trading atmosphere was slightly deadlocked. The supply of butyl acrylate manufacturers is low, and the quotation is very stable. They will gradually become component suppliers in the market competition; Downstream demand runs smoothly, and the negotiation focus changes little. Under the positive impact of the rising prices of related products, the butyl acrylate market continued to operate at a high level

the trading atmosphere in East China is quiet, the downstream demand is stable, the goods inquiry atmosphere is general, and the end buyers are in a certain wait-and-see mood. The dealers' shipment is positive. 2. The technical points of relaxation experimental machines are constant, and the price remains stable. The price of butyl acrylate in the primary market is 15400 ~ 15500 yuan (ton price, the same below)

the spot supply in South China is normal, the negotiation price is stable, the transaction shows a slight stalemate of 22 base renewal and new construction projects, the sales pressure of dealers is small, the price fluctuates in a narrow range, and the price of butyl acrylate in the primary market is 15300 ~ 15500 yuan

the supply of goods in North China is tight, but due to the buyer's cautious attitude towards receiving goods, the initiative negotiation is not prosperous, the dealer's shipment is average, and the primary market price remains stable at 15300 ~ 15500 yuan

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