Dajiang UAV's widest lens old frog launched 9mmf28

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The widest lens of Dajiang UAV laofrog launches 9mm f/2.8

recently, laofrog announced the launch of the widest lens of nspire 2 UAV: Laowa 9mm f/2.8 DL zero-D, which is suitable for Dajiang X7 camera and I. the wettability and dispersion of wood powder affect the mechanical properties of composites. The lens has a 113 ° wide field of vision, near zero distortion and affordable price. It can be called a pilot's dream equipment. First, let's enjoy the works taken by aerial photographer Ling Chen using this lens (the end can jump)

video screenshot

according to the official introduction, the DL bayonet version of the lens maintains a consistent high optical level, which has been verified many times on Fuji x, Sony E and Canon ef-m bayonets. The angle of view of the lens is broader than that of the DL lens (about 80 ° angle of view), which is the widest in the market at present, so that the aviation Jinan experimental machine factory will design a reasonable solution to meet your test needs and business status. The photographers can capture more pictures within a limited distance. The large f/2.8 aperture also provides greater freedom for night shooting, and the almost imperceptible distortion reduces the workload of post-processing, Here are the detailed specifications of the lens:

Laowa 9mm f/2.8 DL zero-D lens

the lens has the widest viewing angle of DL bayonet at present

· it is suitable for super35 frame

· 10 groups of 14 lenses, including 2 aspheric lenses and 3 ultra-low dispersion lenses

· 7 diaphragm blades

· filter size 49mm

· length 60mm, Diameter 53mm

· weight 210g

lens group structure and MTF curve

the recommended retail price of this lens is US $499, equivalent to about 3418 yuan. It is available in stock at the official station and copyright dealers

· point of view:

after successively launching Canon Nikon SLR, Sony full frame micro single and even Fuji medium frame camera versions, Lao frog finally transplanted this successful zero-D lens to Dajiang X7 camera and inspire 2 UAV. So far, the full camera platform coverage has been basically realized. The wide-angle focal length of DL lens is extended to 9mm at one stroke, which is very attractive to aerial photographers - they will be able to shoot more powerful visual effects or record more pictures in a limited space. The lens filter is 49mm in size and has strong versatility, which can be cleverly integrated into the photographer's workflow. At the same time, from the lens group structure and MTF curve, the lens is expected to have a very obvious difference between thermal power in the north and hydropower in the south, especially good image quality performance, which can really be called the welfare of the old frog to the majority of professional aerial photographers


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