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What is the difference between S5, S6 and S7 of 360 sweeping robots? Which model is good

360 floor sweeping robots S5, S6 and S7 are all 360 hot selling floor sweeping robots. The main differences are that first, the time of listing is different, and S7 is the latest one; Second, the appearance color is different. The appearance color of S5 is white, the appearance color of S6 is white and black, and the appearance color of S7 is champagne gold; Third, the configuration is different. The battery capacity of S6 and S7 is 3200mah, which is larger than that of S5 is 2600mAH, and the battery life is a little longer; The capacity of dust box S5 is 0.57l, S6 is 0.4L and S7 is 0.55l; S6 and S7 have ordinary water tanks, S5 has no water tanks; S5 and S7 support the smart connection of tmall elf, but S6 does not. To sum up, the performance of S7 is relatively better. However, the functions of these three models are the same. It depends on your personal likes and needs. Choosing the one that suits you is the best

360 floor sweeping robot S5, S6, S7 tmall quotation review; 360 sweeping robot S5, S6, S7 Jingdong quotation comments

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360 sweeping robot S7

360 sweeping robot S6

360 sweeping robot S5

360 sweeping robot S5, S6, S7 comparison of quotation and comments:

1. 360 floor sweeping robot S5

reference price: ¥ 1288.00 (click here to view the latest activity quotation)

user comments: at the beginning, the customer service has been very patient to teach me how to do it. Later, I really couldn't. I contacted the after-sales staff in group Q, and it took a long time to match successfully, The attitude of the staff is very patient (PS: it's a WiFi problem at home, not related to the floor sweeper). After exploring, they will set up maps with app. It's very simple. Now regular cleaning is set every day to 2020, so the cleaning is very clean

2. 360 floor sweeping robot S6

reference price: ¥ 1698.00 (click here to view the latest activity quotation)

user comments: it's super easy to use. I bought it last year and used it very well later. I recommend my friends to buy it this time. I still buy it for my friends. The money refund and cleaning record is my own home. The first three pictures were just bought by my friends today. You will never regret buying 360, Many of my neighbors buy 3/4000 floor sweepers of other brands, which are not easy to use. I sleep. I'm from Dalian. I'm using 360 floor sweeping robot. It's easy to use

3. 360 floor sweeping robot S7

reference price: ¥ 2199.00 (click here to view the latest activity quotation)

user comments: I've wanted to buy a floor sweeping robot for a long time. I haven't found a favorite one for those with selection difficulties. My colleague just said that his family bought this one very easy to use, Send me a link to see if there is an activity, We took a resolute picture of the clearing and regulation of the fees for enterprises involved in violation of the regulations, so as to reduce the burden of enterprises "Clearing and rectifying regulations against enterprise related charges is to reduce the burden of enterprises! Ha ha, super intelligent, control can be cleaned at any time, the dust in the window is very large, and now you can go home clean every day with S7!


360 floor sweeping robots S5, S6 and S7. From the above point of view, the configuration difference is not very large, the function is also the same, but the performance is different from the time of listing. We choose one suitable for ourselves according to our own needs and preferences Just do it


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